Stand Up Australia

Australia Day at The Stand brings out the very best in Antipodean humour

Article by Scotty McKellar | 19 Feb 2009

If your experience of Aussie comedy begins and ends with Kath & Kim, you missed a great opportunity to ditch the chardonnay, crack open a tinnie and get a dose of the hard stuff at Stand Up Australia at the Stand on Monday.

Celebrating Australia Day, the night showcased four top Antipodean blokes ready to get sweaty and dangerous with Edinburgh comedy lovers. With standing room only, it was a real party atmosphere, helped along with frequent injections of the legendary AC/DC.

Introducing the acts and hosting the night was Ro Campbell, who swaggered onstage full of bile and booze, like a pissed uncle at a barbie, losing clothes and even more of his inhibitions with each intro. A hugely entertaining and accomplished performer, it was hard not to wish he had a whole night to himself.

Of the acts, first up was CJ Fortuna, who showed a few moments of vulgar genius in a rushed set. Faring much better was ironically the quietest comedian of the night, Marcus Ryan, who proved himself a bit of a charmer. With skill and deft timing he hit the mark with fine observations on his global travels and the perils of Facebook.


Closing the night was headliner Damian Clark, who fair blazed onstage full of energy and imagination and didn't let up in a relentless onslaught of crippling laughs.
The best of the acts built on each others’ material and made it a bit of a bonzer night all round for the whinging Poms, beaten down Aussies, and brave Kiwis sticking out the winter in Auld Reekie. Advance Australia Fair then, and keep an eye out for Campbell's show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival!


Ro Campbell: Full Power is on 13 March 2009 at the Buff Club.