SKINNY Recommended Comedy

Feature by uncredited (RJTHOMSON) | 15 Jul 2006
1. Alex Horne heads a variety bill at the Edinburgh Stand, July 13-15. "I don't think crumpled trousers are a problem. They just get a bad press."

2. Brendon Burns loves, rages, and tells great jokes, Glasgow Stand July 20-22. "If you want to feel really handsome go shopping at Asda."

3. Paddy Lannigan, religio-musical comedy guaranteed to offend, Glasgow Liquid Ship July 7, Stand July 8.

4. Dominic Woodward's light observations mean he's sure to be a hit with the weekend crowd. Edinburgh Jongleurs July 28-29.

5. Frankie Boyle and the Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III, previewing their Fringe shows on the same night. Edinburgh Stand, July 19.