Reginald D Hunter- 7 March, The Glasgow Stand

This man is so edgy he's four-dimensional.

Article by Patrick Low | 01 Apr 2008
  • Reginald D Hunter

Cutting an imposing figure, the invigorating Reginald D Hunter shines in this self-confessed 'work in progress', rallying the crowd and railing against his critics that say he lacks 'edge' because the title of his last Edinburgh show missed his trademark inclusion of the word 'nigger'. Threatening the title 'Trophy Nigger' for his next Edinburgh show, Hunter's act can't be accused of losing any venom. This man is so edgy he's four dimensional, bounding fearlessly from controversial issues such as rape and racism in an intelligent and stylish and manner. His rich Southern spiel has the audience attentive to his every word, eager for more acerbic wit from his sugary vocals. Although a little too laid back to be truly dazzling, Hunter displays his unique ability to deal with serious issues without sounding trite. A confident and compelling performance. [Patrick Low]

Reginald D Hunter, 7 March, The Glasgow Stand