Lyre Burd: One Burd, Many Voices

Article by Edward Whelan | 05 Jun 2009
  • Keara Murphy

She started with impersonating her eccentric convent school teachers, with her audience crammed into a classroom during the lunchbreak at school; she has subsequently honed her art as a character actor and comedian to create a series of shows that have had critics foaming with delight. 2007’s Little Love Affairs was a hit at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe, whilst its 2008 sequel – Little Love Affairs Behind Bar! – Yes We’re Going Down – won her four star reviews at last year’s Leith Festival. This year she’s bringing all her comedic talent to Lyre Burd- One Burd; Many Voices which is set to feature some of her best characters as well as showing off a whole bunch of new ones. Lyre Burd debuted at this years Glasgow Comedy Festival with sell-out shows. If you missed it then, you can catch up and see Keara Murphy at the Leith Festival. She’s been called 'a veritable comedic jukebox' - amongst other things. Come along and see for yourself.