Laughing Horse New Act of the Year: Quarter Final

The first weekend in April sees the quarter finals of the Laughing Horse New Act Competition, featuring the heat winners from Scotland and Northern England.

Article by Lizzie Cass-Maran | 26 Mar 2009
  • Laughing Horse New Act Competition

Any artistic competition is always going to throw up arguments and heated opinions about travesties of justice. Did Heath Ledger really deserve the posthumous Oscar?  How on earth did Rhydian not win the X Factor?

However, the acts that made it through from the early heats of this competition comprise some genuinely talented comedians with quality material and strong performances, who are well deserving of their places in the quarter finals. Those judged best on the night will progress to the semi finals in London, with the final competition winner on 17 May being awarded £1,000 in cash and the even better promise of £1,000 in gigs, giving valuable exposure.

So go along, check it out, argue for the rest of the night as to whether the best act won.  You're guaranteed some great laughs along the way.

The Laughing Horse New Act 2009 Quarter Finals

3 and 4 April 2009, 8:30, Meadows Bar, Edinburgh

Check out for details of a couple of acts from the earlier heats who didn't make the cut, but we won't have seen the last of.