Lady Melville and Rosie Rebel: Dirty Thirties

Review by Sarah Sharp | 13 Aug 2012
  • Dirty Thirties

Dirty Thirties are a double act inasmuch as there’s two of them. Long-term friends and first time Fringers, Lady Melville and Rosie Rebel take turns upon the stage to see who can bring the bar lower. We are promised a ‘feel good’ show about being in your 30s: this transpires as slutty jokes, stories about anal beads at the Christmas table, and Ms Rebel doing a sort of interchangeable bra striptease on skates. They claim that one of them is OCD and the other is ADD – but there seems little evidence or comic use of this.

There’s a lot of audience interaction but it’s clunky and underdeveloped. Lady Melville’s stand up sections are unremarkable – standard fare of weddings and babylust. Rosie Rebel brandishes a ukulele to little purpose, save for one quite touching song that seems to suggest she’s got more talent than she’s letting on. She also does have some genuine one-liner gems stashed away in all the trash – but for the moment any real quality is obfuscated by chaos.

Dirty Thirties, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 18.00, until 26 August, Free