Dogmanay: Fringe Dog's New Year's party guide!

unfollow 2019 and welcome the new decade in style, o boy o boy o boy !!!

Article by Fringe Dog | 05 Dec 2019
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uh oh, looks like somethin' is lookin a wee bit dog eared !!! 

we said it to plastic straws, we said it to prince philip’s drivin' licence, we said it to democracy – now it time to say goodbye to 2019 itself, o boy !!!

lets put auld lang syne on the gramophone and sort out our do’s and don’ts so you can host your 5star new year's party doggy style !!! 


“should auld acquaintance be forgot?" 

no they shouldnt !!!  

sniff out all your old friends in the park—front end and back—and tell them bow wow its time to play !!!

but if you lack confidence invitin' new friends, follow the lead of briliant inspirin' greta thunberg. not a lot of people know she uses ancient terrier wisdom to bring millions of people together. her book is even named after an old terrier sayin': no one is too small to make a difference !!! 

throw your party like the planet depends on it !!!

Food and Drink

as a good host you need to lay out a good spread !!! that means lots of variety: smooth peanut butter and crunchy peanut butter. remember to include all the main food groups along with peanut butter: sausages, biscuits, marrowbone jelly

dogmanay doesn't need to be expensive !!! listen to robbie burns: "and surely ye'll be your pint-stowp! and surely I'll be mine!"

that's right, robbie burns himself says he'll bring his own pint !!! o boy, auld lang syne endorses a strict b.y.o.b policy !!! 

but don’t forget to be a responsible host and place plenty of water stations around your floor for inebriated guests crawlin round on all fours !!! 

New Year’s Traditions

“there’s a paw my trusty friend and give me a paw of thine”. 

when it comes to stealin' a new year’s kiss, don’t go creepin' round the room lookin for that certain someone who will only kiss you under duress.

you are better than that !!! 

find someone instead with a thicket of facial hair and lick it all over. beards are very tasty with many hidden morsels of food . its a delicious and nutritious way to start the new decade !!!

happy new year, may it bring you all that you need

love from fringe dog