Des Clark: Final Destiny

Always a crowd pleaser.

Article by Lara Moloney | 01 Apr 2008
  • Des Clarke (2007)

Performing his show Final Destiny for the last time, well known home grown talent Des Clarke surprises the audience by getting two other comedians to hit the stage first. Wendy Wesson starts the evening with a perspective of a middle class girl from working class backgrounds. Female comics get a hard time trying to win over crowds but Wendy does a good job of getting the giggles, mostly from the ladies who can definitely relate more than the gents. The set needs work and alternative punchlines to the mainstream could be developed, but she is one to watch blossom. Louis McLeod and his voiceover knowledge get the laughs next; though a wee bit nervous he needn't have been as his charm and ease mean he delivers an all round interesting set – so a friendly welcome back to the stage for him. Des closes the night with his mixture of Scottish humour and witty one-liners, always a crowd pleaser to the locals with his general knowledge, slang and understanding of the Scot's nation. Tourists and people who don't watch much TV might struggle with the material but overall the night proves that far from being final, Des is destined to bigger and better things.

The Garage, 9 Mar 2008