Bratchy and The Wee Man's Comedy Pub Quiz

There’s always something a little staid about pub quizzes. The stilted, jocular delivery of questions over the inevitably crackly mic, the restrained smirking from the intellectuals at the other table. If you’ve ever been tempted to gloat over your opposing teams or pour drinks down their shirts, here's your chance.

Preview by Ariadne Cass-Maran | 23 Jul 2009
  • Bratchy and The Wee Man

Bratchy and The Wee Man are running a quiz and this one looks like it might actually be fun. You are actively encouraged to boo, hiss, harangue and look smug. No traditional pub quiz, this contains obscure subjects among the usual science and nature rounds, such as ‘Guess the Schwarzenegger quote’ and ‘A tribute to the life and declining career of Steve Guttenberg, Hollywood’s forgotten Jew.’

You may have seen The Wee Man online or onstage. Strutting pugnaciously, clad in Burberry and snarling in fluent ned, he’s something of a YouTube legend (2 million hits and counting) and has been a finalist in every single year of the Scottish Comedian of the Year competition. His brother Bratchy, finalist in the contest in 2007, is on our team for The Dullest Blog, our weekly comedy blog (published on Tuesdays).

With veggie and meat 'share pots' available, you can feed two folk for a tenner and entry to the quiz is free. Be prepared for WWF wrestling and cake eating competitions to the theme of Jaws. And don’t worry about the fierce competition: you may have to sit in the dunce’s corner, but booby prizes are awarded to the total losers and the drinks are cheap. Otherwise, heckle away your preconceived notions of polite pub quizzage in madcap, interactive tomfoolery.

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