Andy Parsons @ The Garage, 7 Mar

Brilliantly observational and giggle, groan, and guffaw-worthy

Article by Carmody Wilson | 01 Apr 2008
  • Andy Parsons

Here's a tip: don't wear a tracksuit and sit in Andy Parsons' front row. If you do, you're sure to be mercilessly targeted for a broad range of jokes throughout the two hour gaffaw-fest, which includes, apart from jabs at your wardrobe, riffs on Muhammad al Fayed, Gordon Brown's educational reforms, and selective paedophilia. Yes siree, Andy Parsons' comedy is as broad as his voice is nasal, but, if the 400 assembled souls in The Garage are right, he's a bloody riot. His topics are simple and his appeal is immediate: take modern quandary, point out its ridiculousness, and make a punchline. You don't learn much about the man himself - this is not confessional comedy - but you might just learn a thing or two about what's going on in the world. A few transitional moments fall flat, and he nicks a few of his own jokes from Mock the Week, but the rest of his set is brilliantly observational and giggle, groan, and guffaw-worthy. Here's another tip: don't break into Andy Parsons' house at night; what greets you may change your life for the worse. A terrific show, a highlight of the festival.

The Garage, March 7