Andrew Maxwell @ Pleasance Courtyard

Preview by Ben Martin | 14 Aug 2006
  • Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell seems a likeable young scamp, with his mop of scruffy blonde hair and his impish Irish lilt. He'd probably be quite a nice chap to go shopping with. Sadly, his stand up routine is quite staggeringly average. There really is no other word for it: it's not bad, as such, but neither is it particularly good. It's just, well, unremarkable. Suburban.

Maxwell wrings as much mileage as he can from his repertoire of 'amusing' accents, and occasionally tries tentatively to push the boat out with some more edgy material about gay Muslims. But it all feels rather quaint, and his attempts to be dangerous fail miserably and come across as either ill-considered or simply old-fashioned. Jokes about being drunk, being Irish, or being a man are neither new, nor clever, nor particularly amusing; and with so many better, braver comics at the festival, Maxwell's offerings seem rather meagre in comparison.

Andrew Maxwell - Round Twilight, Pleasance Courtyard, until August 28 (not 15), 20:10, £12.50/£11.50 (£11/£10).