V/A - Soma Coma Vol 2

Album Review by Scott Ramage | 23 Apr 2008
Album title: Soma Coma Vol 2
Artist: Various
Label: Soma
Release date: 12 May

For a label usually associated with full-on techno, it’s a surprise to discover that this compilation of acts on the Soma roster is actually a relaxing, chilled-out collection of deep ambient cuts. The second in the series, this compilation is perfect for coming home after a night out to unwind and drift off to sleep to. But that’s not to say this is mere background music: moments like the stuttering synths of Alex Smoke’s 6am and the dub-influenced Hear What I Say from Butch Cassidy Sound System will grab and maintain attention. The highlight is Slam’s ethereal Kill The Pain: a haze of gentle pads and the angelic voice of Dot Allison. Although a few of the tracks wash by without anything really happening in them, this is still far better than many chill-out compilations out there. [Scott Ramage]