V/A - MMM: Anniversary EP

Single Review by Steve Glencross | 23 Apr 2008
Single title: MMM: Anniversary EP
Artist: Various
Label: MMM / Soundhack
Release date: Out Now

Stand by the innovators. No not Oliver Chessler, but the two sides of the Hardwax coin that is MMM and Soundhack (Berlin’s infamous record store). Producers Erik Wiegand and Fiedel are just about the best in the business, and have achieved legendary status with just a sprinkling of releases, with the pick being the club classic Donna (Summer edit). Their first appearance since 2000 sees them unleash another killer production of finely edited beats and pieces, chopped up and rewired in awesome fashion; one side MMM the other Soundhack. It’s not quite house and it’s not quite techno, but possesses unrivalled quality, sure to rock dance floors and sweep the imitator’s aside…why isn’t all dance music this good? [Steve Glencross]