V/A - Defected In The House Miami 08

Album Review by Karen Taggart | 23 Apr 2008
Album title: Defected In The House Miami 08
Artist: Various
Label: Defected
Release date: Out Now

The latest offering from seminal house label Defected takes you straight into the heart of South Beach, where ultra chic meets the clubbing elite. Spread over three CDs by Aaron Ross, Simon Dunmore and ATFC, there's something to please even the most discerning dance music fans. Miami is home to the Winter Music Conference and in turn some of the biggest and best parties going around. The latest in Defected’s Miami series encapsulates the glamour and hedonism that make up these gatherings and delivers it straight to your stereo in a funky and feel-good manner. Fonda Rae’s Living In Ecstasy is a fantastically catchy track, with more hypnotic, glitchy beats combined with the deepest house grooves. The sexy, thumping, grinding mix of Copyright’s Shake Shit Up by Accapella is a fabulous, dirty tune, designed to get you in the mood for a hot, steamy night out. With this compilation Defected truly succeed in bringing the Miami vibe back to the UK. [Karen Taggart]