Uniform - 'Protocol'

The music seems to take a back seat for most of the album

Album Review by Alex Burden | 16 Apr 2006
Album title: 'Protocol'
Artist: Uniform
Label: Planet Mu
If you are a sci-fi movie looking for a soundtrack, search no further. The chance that you are is a slim one, however. Uniform's second album, 'Protocol,' demonstrates extreme manipulation and inversion of sound waves to the point of disrupting almost all rhythm and any hint of a tune. The rasping voice of Lydia Lunch drawls over Sex is a Contract, History is a Trick to great effect, but the music becomes merely an atmospheric enhancer to her spoken words. In fact, the music seems to take a back seat for most of the album. There is a kind of beauty behind the industrial glitch-y fragments, but if you're more into dance music in the literal sense, this is not for you. There is no doubt that when Uniform sat down to write this he wasn't thinking of how it would sound on TOTP. [Alex Burden]
Released March 13. http://www.planet-mu.com