Todd Bodine, Sensu, Liquid Lounge, Glasgow, Jan 21

Bodine's tunes were good enough, he just had nowhere to go

Article by Robbie Thomson | 15 Feb 2006
Minimise to maximise' is the manifesto touted by arch-Berlin minimalists like Richie Hawtin, and I'd be inclined to agree with the sentiment that you can do a hell of a lot with even the most stripped-down of beats. Tonight however I found it hard to believe that Todd Bodine made the most of his set after the night had been built up so promisingly by the support DJs. First to step behind the decks, Chesco Ferri played a solid tech-house set that picked up on the minimal vibe early, drawing the reasonably sized crowd away from the bar. The night progressed with Alan Belshaw and Paul Ingram taking turns spinning on the minimal tip, and by 1am they had their audience captive. The Tresor DJ, Bodine, then proceeded to underwhelm. By 2.30 it still felt like he was warming up: the tunes were good enough, he just had nowhere to go. [Robbie Thomson]