The Whip - X Marks Destination

Should sound just as good on your stereo as it will on the dancefloor

Album Review by Shaun Love | 06 Mar 2008
Album title: X Marks Destination
Artist: The Whip
Label: Southern Fried Recordings
After two years of successful single releases, Machester's The Whip have finally tallied up enough new tunes for their first full-length and they sound just as good on your stereo as they do on the dancefloor. Soon to be re-released single Trash has a chorus so undeniably cool it somehow justifies the prolonged build-ups and repetitions that stretch it out to over six minutes, and last year's Divebomb is a bodybuilding powerhouse of a synth-fest that could easily have been one of the better tracks on Daft Punk's Human After All. Some new material suffers by comparison to these singles though: both Save My Soul and finisher Dubsex are safe, mediocre pop songs sexed up by the aforementioned synth-smithery. Overall, it's an enjoyable, at times relishable case of great killer, pretty good filler. [Shaun Love]
Release Date: 24 Mar

The Whip play The Tunnels, Aberdeen on 27 Mar and King Tuts on 28 Mar