The free party people don't mind paying for...

No big name DJs just good tunes for good people - and loud

Article by Robin Walls | 15 Jan 2010

A night conceived with a loose concept to unite ages and styles to party, eventually finding a scrubby enough home in the motherly curves of the Attic arches and – with the power of Stumblefunk Sound System – something beautifully messy shoulder-barged its way into the Manchester club night illuminati.

Drum Music became the free party that people didn’t mind paying for. Stumblefunk had a loyal free party following and nights at the Attic were a guaranteed knees up. No big name DJs, just good tunes for good people, and loud.

Tonight sees a return to the Attic after an extended break in Rusholme's curry mile. It feels nostalgic being here and the place soon gets as jammed as the can of beans it resembles. Preston heads and now Drum Music collaborators, Herbal Sessions, run the sound tonight and do a fine job, Ruffmouth makes sure that no-one is going to take themselves or anything too seriously once he starts his microphone mischief.

Hip-hop, funk, old rock and roll, African drumming, dubstep, reggae and jungle, everyone looks happy to be here and the night actually feels like a family reunion, albeit a pretty raucous one with a rather large hi-fi.

This night attracts a diverse audience and has always played proper party music, old and new, plus a bit more politically inspired ranting than the average night at Sankey’s. It's like getting drunk with an old friend you haven’t seen for years.

Credit to Drum Music Crew, Tenante, Sumblefunk, Herbel Sessions and RIP DJ Sine, thank you for no-nonsense blessed vibes and bass. I wonder what Ken Evil will be playing in five years time? Actually more importantly I wonder what he’ll be wearing.

Third Friday of every other month, £5.