The Beautiful Newborn Children, Dffrnt Trouble, Cabaret Voltaire, Jan 20

Packed to the gunnels with Kerosene and angst<br/>WEB ONLY - asap please alex! Thanks

Article by Steve Sauce | 15 Feb 2006
Beautiful New Born Children are the new doyenne of the Domino label, home to the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and Four Tet, and, if the PR hype is to be believed, they were picked and signed out of obscurity; their submission demo had no track listings, artwork or even contact details. Scratch under the surface and it all becomes clearer.

BNBC is the brainchild of Michael Beckett, who also happens to be the drummer from German alt-electro outfit Schneider TM. He also runs his own spin-off Kpt.michi.gan releases, packed with glitch-y, broken electronic beats. But where Schneider TM roll out that sumptuous red carpet of electronic harmonic vocals and reworks of morbid Smiths tunes, BNBC is packed to the gunnels with kerosene, angst and two minute tracks that would give Sigue Sigue Sputnik a run for their money. This is the new wave of garage-punk that is sweeping across Europe, and for sheer electric gusto, BNBC do it in spades.

The venue for this evenings foray into the wall of sound is Dffrnt Drum at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh. Dffrnt Drum is the alt-incarnation of the widely respected Trouble nights, regarded by Gilles Peterson as one of Scotland's best clubbing experiences for the third year in a row. Now Trouble have found grace and favour with a sponsor, they are able to bring some quality performers to the capital, and give local bands a damn fine support slot to boot. Tonight it was the turn of Glasgow punksters Mother and the Addicts; a hot tip for 2006.

However, the star act Beautiful New Born Children didn't rock the boat, although they did nearly spill the crowd's drinks twice with sound waves alone. But then again, that's what Dffrnt Drum is all about; bringing an eclectic slice of something new for you to get your head round. And if two minutes of power chords and rabid vocals played by a band who have all swapped their instruments doesn't open your eyes, then you have clearly fallen asleep at some random party and had them glued shut. Dffrnt Drum isn't for everyone, and neither should it be, so go along one night and make up your own mind which is you; bland or brash, predictable or original. [Steve Sauce]
Beautiful New Born Children album Hey People! is out now on Domino Records