Symbiosis - A Tribute to M.C. Sonny, Soundhaus, Glasgow, Jan 20

Further proof (as if any were needed) that Glasgow D&B can still cut it. <br/>

Article by Robbie Thomson | 15 Feb 2006
The final transmission of LiveVEvil last month saw one of Glasgow's longest running drum and bass institutions come to an end. In the wake of this its great to see Symbiosis starting 2006 with a night that proves that Edinburgh isn't having all the fun. In the main room Believe pounded out old school rave and breaks, though it was Baraka who ignited the small but animated crowd with the deep, dark d&b and tech-step they were craving. Ever-dapper host Aeroplane Dope commanded the night well and was joined by Dirty Le Roi who spat out lyrics Kalashnikov-style to wild visuals courtesy of Altronix. By 2.30 a sympathetic Morphy brought things down slightly for some tired feet, then built right through a heavy set on the ragga tip to a full blown ska-fest come 4am. Further proof (as if any were needed) that Glasgow can still cut it. [Robbie Thomson]