Subculture, The Subclub, Glasgow, Jan 13

Hypnotic weaves of electro and deep, throbbing grooves

Article by Marj Walters | 15 Feb 2006
Rarely does a club night in Glasgow become such a phenomenon that its followers gather so religiously. Subculture at The Subclub is indeed a culture for many clubbers in search of fine house and techno music in a truly underground venue. However, this community of adoring punters must not be confused with the cliques and cults that swarm the dancefloors of some other clubs. Watching the dancefloor erupt as residents Harri and Domenic educated and delightfully entertained the crowd with their diverse musical wizardry, strangers grinned in recognition. Their hypnotic weaves of electro and deep, throbbing grooves were surely the product of genius. Defying the confines of genre, their set was bold, upfront and perfectly progressive. Such beautiful unity between crowd and DJ is seldom found - that makes Subculture such a special night to be experienced by any appreciating clubber. [Marj Walters]
Every Friday, The Subclub, Jamiaca Street, Glasgow. Admission £10, sometimes more with guests. Subclture Preview in Issue 5 of The Skinny