Starf**cker - Boy George

Article by John Cavers | 16 Apr 2006
Boy George started to DJ when he was 17, one of the reasons being that "the booth was raised, so we were up above everybody, the freaks in the pulpit." Tonight, it's apparent that the pop star, designer and DJ hasn't tired of such attention-seeking: resplendent in a Philip Treacy hat and fabulous make-up, posing for camera phones. Throughout the 90s George was dismissed by other dance DJs as someone getting work on the back of his eighties fame; and yet, his mixing skills are impeccable and he plays a great mix of chart hits and obscure stuff no-one knows. Tonight's set shows off his range of musical influences, an eclectic, euphoric blend of house, electro and even some dancehall ragga which has the friendly and mixed crowd eating out of his hand, dancing themselves into a frenzy. The incredible warmth and jovial atmosphere in the room is no doubt helped by George having fun on the decks, dancing away and turning down the volume so we can all shout along to Avenue D's Do I Look Like A Slut. The fact that Boy George is a pop culture icon might have something to do with it as well, blurring sexual and gender lines
from his days in Culture Club to reviving the memory of Leigh Bowery in Taboo. The crowd scream their appreciation at the end and as the lights go up we refuse to leave until he plays "One more tune! One more tune!" An amazing night - let's hope his DJ dates in Scotland are more frequent. [John Cavers]
Liquid Room, Edinburgh, March 18.