Simian Mobile Disco - Clock

All becomes frenetically agitated before dying down again.

Single Review by Michael Slevin | 01 Apr 2008
Single title: Clock
Artist: Simian Mobile Disco
Label: Wichita Recordings
Simian Mobile Disco is back with Clocks, the new EP featuring four fresh tracks. The first three are aptly named: Clock does sound slightly clockish, with playful synth dancing all over its figurative face, and Simple is just that; simple. A few beats here, a smattering of synth there, all becoming frenetically agitated before dying down again. 3 Pin Din is a computery mess of a song, and finisher State of Things is the most built up. Each song starts nicely, but soon becomes a drone, as each is too long with no variety throughout to liven things up. SMD fans will like this, but other listeners may feel bored by the repetition. [Michael Slevin]
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