Shed - The Traveller

Shed's sophomore album delivers

Album Review by Calum Sutherland | 27 Aug 2010
Album title: The Traveller
Artist: Shed
Label: Ostgut Ton
Release date: 30 Aug


The concept of the ‘techno album’ has proved either a stumbling block or career changing breakthrough for many of the more ambitious producers of our era. On first spin many give the impression of looking for a set of keys in a messy bedroom with you not knowing where to listen first, but Shed’s sophomore album The Traveller proves yet again what an imaginative producer Rene Pawlowitz is. Building on the good time made with 2008’s excellent Shedding The Past, The Traveller abandons the atlas and goes off on it’s own, through a rocky terrain inhabited by atmospheric Burial-esque dubstep, breakbeat, Warp infused electronica and the odd smatter of drum ‘n’ bass, arriving safely home in Berghain. Clearly, those expecting a collection of Berlin based 4/4 bangers may meet this release with a scowl, and it’s certainly not party starting material - but unlike many of Ostgut Ton’s recent releases, The Traveller ventures forth to explore more ambitious landscapes without suffering the trappings of the vulgar and meandering forays into ‘eclecticism’ so often heard in the techno long player. Allow to mellow and listen with the window open.