Satellite Dub/V.E.N.T/ESPion, Avionix Showcase, Studio 24, Edinburgh 12th January

It's rather like hearing the electricity in your brain surge round

Article by Alex Burden | 15 Feb 2006

Tonight's gig was more of a civilized evening of electronica (with an early 8.30pm start) than a raucous occasion. Only a handful of people attended, so for the evening the Calton was transformed into a private candlelit affair for original Scottish music. Satellite Dub kicked off with a pleasing mixture of thundering beats and delicate synth xylophone. His docile melodies and oppositional rhythms work together to create a soothing yet energizing sound: think recent LFO and a bit of grinding guitar. In comparison, listening to V.E.N.T is rather like hearing the electricity in your brain surge round making logical connections: it's glitchy yet strangely organic/aquatic sounding. The night is drawn to a contented close with ESPion, and his shiny and concise electronica. It verges towards d'n'b rhythms, but is noticeably minus the fuzzy reverb. For the price (£3) the night is a rare treat, and the early start means you can experience all this and still be in bed by 11.30pm. [Alex Burden]

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