Sander Van Doorn - Supernaturalistic

You might dig this out from time to time but it won't be on repeat

Album Review by Emma Kilday | 06 Mar 2008
Album title: Supernaturalistic
Artist: Sander Van Doorn
Label: Nebula/EMI
It's tough releasing your debut album when there's already been so much hype surrounding everything you've worked on. SVD finds himself in this position after becoming a much sought-after DJ and producer, having been active on the scene for only four years. But Supernaturalistic shows that, while undoubtedly talented, he may not quite have the Midas touch of some of his peers. Standout tracks like Grasshopper, Riff and the tantalising Pura Vida certainly have something to offer from a dancefloor perspective, but on proper listening some of the songs start to fall a little flat. On the whole the album is slick as they come and just about varied enough to keep your attention. Unfortunately the weaker tracks like Lobby can start to resemble the bland recorded music you expect when you're put on hold by the operator. In fact the whole thing would be better if it were slightly rougher round the edges. You might dig this out from time to time but it won't be on repeat. [Emma Kilday]

Release date: 8 Mar