S-Max / FYM - Astro Hard-Bop

Single Review by Steve Glencross | 23 Apr 2008
Single title: Astro Hard-Bop
Artist: S-Max / FYM
Label: Boogizm
Release date: Out Now

In case you haven’t heard of Boogizm, they are one of the most refreshing, challenging and truly unique minimal labels to come out of Germany in years. They don’t do big riffs, or try to deliver anthems in the hope of quick recognition. Instead they have quietly mastered the art of delicate, hi-tech minimal funk within a genre that has few truly unique labels. The key track is Sonic toygun bending; a superb piece of micro dancefloor funk, held together by expertly applied FX and edits. The other highlight is All That indoor Bbquing, an odd but soulful minimal house cut, complete with swinging plastic drums and sci-fi pads. It's grade A stuff from a seriously under rated and hard to find label; a great find if you're into Vogel, Perlon and other quality bleep/house minimalism. [Steve Glencross]