Reverend Funk, The Caves, Edinburgh, Feb 24

The groove is in the heart and there's magic in the air.

Live Review by Ally Brown | 16 Apr 2006

The great, grey grotto of The Caves is where the Reverend will preach his truth about the soul, and it is a truth worth telling. Is it the candle-light dancing across the rough stone walls that makes this place seem almost spiritual? Or the congregation dancing across rough stone ground that insist it is? The second room is a grand chamber – if you look up, that is – and though the dancefloor is small, it's never static as the story of the beat is told in jazz-funk roll-outs, electronic jazz and old-school hip-hop. The main room pulls out the classic soul and funk cuts from the 60s and 70s, focusing on motown and northern soul in a broad round-up of the key sounds of the scene. The crowd is in the spirit, the groove is in the heart and there's magic in the air – come back soon, Reverend.

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The Caves, February 24