Refo Records Launch, The Brunswick Hotel, Jan 19

This launch party honoured a new breed of forward thinkers

Article by Marj Walters | 17 Mar 2006
This launch party honoured a new breed of forward thinkers, dedicated entirely to the evolution of electronic music. Some of Glasgow's finest DJs and producers, including Milton Jackson, Chris Marr, Mash, Arran Clinical, Michael Johnstone and Barry Jackson, aka Refo, gathered behind two turntables, CD decks, two laptops and a classic Akai MPC 2000 to give an eager and excitable crowd an insight into the wonderful world that is Refo. Sounds were both interesting and engaging as DJs spun a rainbow of musical styles from deep house to electronic indie to Kanye West bootlegs. With a Refo live set towards the end of the night, it was clear that there is a lot more to this label than just house music. Instilling a largely human element into electronic music, the Refo DJs challenged any of the improper preconceptions so often attached to dance music, offering instead an entertaining instrumental performance. Refo Recordings is a label definitely worth celebrating. [Marj Walters]