Quentin Harris - No Politics

Album Review by Colin Chapman | 22 Apr 2008
Album title: No Politics
Artist: Quentin Harris
Label: Strictly Rhythm
Release date: out now

On debut album No Politics New York-based producer Quentin Harris assimilates his varied influences borne out of a Detroit upbringing: early techno, blues, funk, hip-hop and soul. Best known for the anthemic Lets be Young, Harris has also turned in acclaimed remixes of Donnie’s Cloud 9, and Don’t Forget About Us by Mariah Carey. Here he joins forces with several vocalists to provide thirteen cuts of what can only be deemed 'proper' house music. Though lyrics cover the subjects of love and understanding, the matching production is by no means light and fluffy. In fact, Harris’ tough musical backdrops seem to take their inspiration from the techno and minimal-orientated strains of house that dominate many of today’s dancefloors, and the combination of soulful vocals alongside heavy electronics proves to be an engaging proposition. This is particularly true on tracks Reason For Love and Can’t Stop, with the more traditional vocal-house cut Joy another highlight.