Platform 18: The Depot Summer Rave @ The Depot, Glasgow, 29 Jul

Jeff Mills, Mathew Jonson and Gary Beck head an impressive line-up for Platform 18's summer party in Glasgow

Live Review by Donald Shields | 07 Sep 2017

Glaswegian summers can be a real test for outdoor events. Festival season brings diverse challenges for the Scots, so thankfully the all-dayer by Platform 18 is held indoors at The Depot on a grey and rainy Saturday. P18's events are normally held under a bridge in an industrial area of Glasgow – a unique and exciting venue that also means exposure to the elements – but The Summer Rave is held around the corner in The Depot which ensures the megastar line-up on offer and the 750 techno fans from far and wide are protected from the deluge. An unobtrusive hole in the wall at a five-a-side football centre gives no inkling to what lies beyond; only the laid-back security and muffled bass from beyond clarifies and reassures that you've found the right place. 

First up is Milton Jackson, a local lad and a deep house veteran, with some impressive productions released on the likes of Freerange and Tsuba Records. His credentials are confirmed as he warms the crowd up with some groovy, deep, and at times dark, house and techno. Jackson's set lays the way for birthday boy and curator of Platform 18, Ivan Kutz. What better way to celebrate your birthday than to have all your mates, as well as your favourite musicians, all around you playing the music you love? Well, dreams can come true and Mr Kutz is living proof, wearing a big smile and fist-pumping as he gifts the crowd some outstanding techno such as Flame's Punched.

Completing the Glaswegian team is producer and DJ Gary Beck, a techno household name who is a regular at some of the world's best clubs and festivals. He ramps up the energy level causing the front of the Depot to become noticeably busier as the crowd swarm closer, mixing tracks from funky techno to more industrial cuts such as his own track Gadda Stack. His set evolving as the daylight filled Depot is now descended into darkness, as the moon rises so do the lasers and an overall feeling that this night hasmoved up a gear.

Mathew Jonson brings his accomplished and renowned live show next, with his smorgasbord of kit splayed in front of him as he creates dance music on the fly. Showcasing an immense musical talent, the energetic DJ has the crowd enthused with a different style to his predecessors; think 80s synths with a Middle Eastern flavour similar to the likes of 47 Soul or Omar Souleyman, but keeping within the high energy feel of the evening. A hi-hat-laden beat keeps the dancers moving and rapturous applause greets Jonson as he bows out to techno royalty, Jeff Mills.

Beginning his onslaught of hard industrial techno, the other-worldly Mills seems in a different zone, remaining intently focused on his mixer. The feeling produced by his mixing is one of riding the crest of a wave that never breaks, just staying at the top as it grows bigger. As Mills' fingers dance on his mixer he prompts each and every person in front of him to move, clap, cheer and just lose it; he's arguably the best in techno, and he truly has the crowd under his spell. His three-hour set is over in a flash, which means a dazed meander towards the exit. Outside the motorcade of taxis parked along the street cause confused looks from a passing police officer, as hundreds of ravers exit a sports centre at 3am.