Octogen - The Emperor’s Apprentice

Single Review by Michael Slevin | 23 Apr 2008
Single title: The Emperor’s Apprentice
Artist: Octogen
Label: Soma
Release date: 12 May

This latest release from Soma’s newly signed Marco Bernardi, also known as Octogen, comes in two parts: The Emperor’s Apprentice Pt.1, with its wonky snyth and pounding bass, followed, surprisingly, by The Emperor’s Apprentice Pt. 2, upping the tempo, beefing up the kick drum and glitching up the already blippy synth. Both are solid tunes, perfect for filling and keeping a dancefloor, the mixture of drums and synth keeping a steady beat to groove to. Conflicting Bells, with its horribly clashing, at times annoying bell effects, and the impending doom-filled Perimeterfunktioncontrol round off an EP that can only be likened to a journey into oblivion. [Michael Slevin]


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