My Robot Friend - '23 Minutes In Brussels'

The Super Jazzy Extended Version is neither super, nor jazzy.<br/>

Single Review by Colin Chapman | 16 Apr 2006
Label: Soma Records
Soma go pop? Well, not exactly, but this label debut from My Robot Friend seems a bit of departure for them. The New Yorker apparently has a live show which sees him wear a luminescent robot suit with a penis that shoots out six-foot trails of flames. To be honest this sounds infinitely more exciting than what's encountered here. The original of 23 Minutes... is a hybrid of slightly quaint pop, buzzy guitar and thudding drums, overlaid with a vocal similar to ex-Beta Band front man, Steve Mason. Dial Zero has a faster, punk-ier edge, but remains pretty nondescript. The other versions of 23 Minutes... don't improve upon the lack-lustre original, Tommie Sunshine's simply upping the tempo and adding an electro-clash feel, while the Super Jazzy Extended Version is neither super, nor jazzy. [Colin Chapman]