Munk - 'Gommagang Drei'

Gomma will leave you feeling moist, breathless, and wanting more

Album Review by Bram Gieben | 15 Feb 2006
Album title: 'Gommagang Drei'
Artist: Munk
Label: Gomma
Mixed by Munk: "...on a Sunday Summer night in Schwabing," this compilation from super-cool German label Gomma is a real treat for anyone who enjoyed the Rapture's 'Echoes' or LCD Soundsystem's debut. A retrospective of some of Gomma's biggest hits from the last two years, it is simply the best mix of its kind since the first Soulwax compilation. Munk's own Disco Clown is playful, early Daft Punk territory; The Dirt Crew Remix of WhoMadeWho's anthemic Space for Rent ("Your thoughts are dirty/And your clothes are too,") follows soon after. Tomboy's Black Beauty mkes an appearance, alongside the label's most well-known release, WhoMadeWho's cover of Benny Benassi's Satisfaction. Midnight Mike's Hot In The Kitchen is a dirty tech bass romp extolling the virtue of boiled eggs, pink lamb and warm toast. The crowning glory is Munk's collaboration with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem: Kick Out The Chairs is stomping Talking Heads-style NYC disco-punk, and like the rest of this fantastic mix, it will leave you feeling moist, breathless, and wanting more. [Bram Gieben]
Out late Feb 2006. See feature on Gomma in Issue 5 of The Skinny.