Moon Unit @ Optimo, Sub Club, 5 Oct

Article by Chris Duncan | 10 Oct 2008

The always interesting Optimo tonight present Moon Unit, the musical offspring of Paul Mogg and former Terranova member Xaver Naudascher. Mogg and Naudascher are the minds behind the Supersoul label, which recently had collection of their 12" singles released by DFA offshoot label Death From Abroad. Moon Unit’s records have been a staple at Optimo ever since they were pressed and the crowd reacts with excitement as the trio perform. Lead singer Rosalind’s vocals are enchanting and for a group who are very much in their infancy, as far as working together is concerned, they put on a spectacular show. Low slung basslines stab into the walls of the Sub Club and the whole set sounds sublime sandwiched between the records selected by Twitch and Wilkes. Promising and wonderful stuff.