Marvin Wilson - Being Here

Album Review by Liam Arnold | 23 Apr 2008
Album title: Being Here
Artist: Marvin Wilson
Label: Alex Tronic Records
Release date: Out Now

A beautiful mix of downbeat ambience and soaring euphoria, this is one of Alex Tronic's finest releases to date, a wonderfully decadent flight through clouds of summery instrumentation driven by powerful beats. Wilson could be criticised for his lack of subtlety, with a predilection for a fairly simplistic mixture of clean ambient sounds and basic four-bar structures, but the epic emotional drive of tracks like Boomerang and Before Flying is irresistibly catchy. It doesn't always work perfectly, and the mellow ambience of Living Spaces lacks the necessary drive and potency, and Imagine Instead uses a delirious techno kickdrum pattern that becomes a little predictable. For the most part, however, Wilson has crafted a piece of astonishingly positive electronic music. While most obviously suited to the aftermath of a heavy night, the sunny vibes and Balearic sounds can lift the listener above the gloom of Glasgow's iron-grey skies and perpetual drizzle. [Liam Arnold]