Martina Topley Bird - Poison [Van She Remix]

Single Review by Beth Malone | 23 Apr 2008
Single title: Poison [Van She Remix]
Artist: Martina Topley Bird
Label: Independiente
Release date: 5 May

Poison by Martina Topley Bird will make you blush. Her raspy vocals astride 70’s surfer-guitar riffs allude to Pina Coladas with James Bond on a steamy beach. Swagger and funk drive the original as Martina sings, “you feel like poison”. She ruminates over betrayal, her voice giving an old story new breadth. Sexy breadth. The powerful bassline in the Van She Tech remix causes your veins to pulse. At times pumping synths enhance the funk, writhing underneath Martina’s distinct vocals. But for the most part, the remix offers too much competition with silly wiggles and unnecessary reverb in the foreground. Martina’s better on her own, needing no distortion. [Beth Malone]