Larry Tee & Princess Superstar - Licky

Single Review by Scott Ramage | 23 Apr 2008
Single title: Licky
Artist: Larry Tee & Princess Superstar
Label: iO Music
Release date: Out Now

Princess Superstar has been cropping up on many recent tracks, including some from Mason and The Glimmers. While last year’s crossover hit Perfect Exceeder sounded awkward and contrived, Licky is a perfect peak-time floor filler. Two edits come from Herve, who produces an unforgiving bassline and an energetic hip-house beat, guaranteed to get any crowd bouncing. The remix from Vandalism is standard electro, but with enough energy to be highly effective, and the Sebastian Leger remix is a squelchy house track with an irresistible groove. Act Yo Age provide a dancehall-influenced mix which is slightly forgettable, but Product.01’s breaks-and-bleeps remix rounds off what is one of the year’s essential releases. But the real selling point here is Princess Superstar; her sultry, sweet vocals coupled with raunchy lyrics are what really make this track stand out. [Scott Ramage]