Krust - Hidden Knowledge

Krust's new album 'Hidden Knowledge' is nothing less than excellent

Feature by Jonny Ogg | 15 Jul 2006

You can ask any criminal psychologist which type of killer is the one to watch out for; is it the mad man, loud, obnoxious, full of threats and pig headed arrogance? Well yeah, of course you have to watch out for him, he's a mad man! But at least you have a chance of seeing him coming, and getting the hell out of there. The one to really watch out for is the cool, calculated killer, slick in his approach and silent in his execution. He doesn't need to boast about his crimes, he knows he's done the job well and moves on to the next victim with exactly the same calm approach.

DJ Krust is the cool, calculated killer (not literally) and respected godfather of world Drum and Bass production. His firmly established notoriety and connection to the greats positions him as a figurehead alongside long time friend and label buddy Roni Size. Krust and Roni cemented a friendship during a meeting at Glastonbury in 1990 and over the next three years went on to co-found Full Cycle Records. Although not viewed by the wider public as such a prolific figure as Size, Krust is the undercurrent to what has become Britain's exciting and ever evolving black music scene.

Following the commencement of Full Cycle Records, Krust released the renowned 'Jazz Note' in 1994 and continued on with his own creations as well as remixing for the scene's top artists. Under the stable of Reprazent, Krust, along with Size, childhood friend Suv, DJ Die and Dynamite MC, released the seminal album 'New Forms' in 1997. The album went on to win the Mercury Music Prize and is celebrated as a breakthrough for D'n'B to a wider audience, leading to its acceptance as a popular genre by the industry. Since then Krust has continued on his premeditated massacre with D'n'B as his weapon of choice, and killer track after killer track being released, not only on Full Cycle, but on major labels including Polygram. On his journey he has created further classics like the dance floor filler Warhead and the collaborative album with DJ Die, 'I - Kamanchi'. Now we are privileged to hear his latest offering, worked upon throughout 2005.

'Hidden Knowledge' captures every element that Krust has explored throughout his illustrious production career. However, it is not primarily aimed at the dance floor and has, in parts, a much more abstract feel. He has mixed state-of-the-art software used for his beat production and sound manipulation with a definitive veer towards the melodic side of drum and bass. That said, the opener Internal Dialogue begins with a smooth atmospheric sitar then quickly falls into a montage of beats and sub bass. The obvious jazz tip that Full Cycle as a label initially fell into is more than apparent throughout the album, although with a futuristic feel; fuzzing, restless and at times riotous. Krust has embraced the analogue and organic sound using synths and the likes of a Rhodes to build mood through long intros without overloading tunes, keeping the simplicity that is needed in the way that only the best producers can do well. 'Hidden Knowledge' is nothing less than excellent and will easily become another of Krust's masterworks.

Hidden Knowledge is out now. The CD release includes a bonus 'Classics' disc including Soul in Motion, Maintain, and Warhead.