Joe Acheson Quartet, Saturday Night Fish Fry, The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, Mar 4

A clever mix of live funk fuelled jazz that unleashes percussive breaks and drum & bass beats

Article by S. Sauce | 16 Apr 2006

Tucked away in a basement off Chambers street in Edinburgh, you find the Jazz Bar, a haven for lovers of funky roots and world music; a welcome respite on a Saturday night amid the rash of techno/house clubs and student lipstick bars elsewhere in the capital. The oddly named Saturday Night Fish Fry is run by the same people that bring you the Departure Lounge, Trouble and Four Corners nights; always attracting eclectic, attractive people and downright funky music which never fails to deliver a quality night's entertainment. On tonight's bill was the Joe Acheson Quartet, a four piece ensemble that play a clever mix of live funk-fuelled jazz that unleashes percussive breaks and drum & bass beats, original in its concept with accessible jazz tracks that you cant help but move your feet to. As yet unsigned, The Joe Acheson Quartet is led by the man himself on bass, samples and effects, supported by main drums working closely alongside a second drummer on breaks and beats, a violin and piano player, who adds a moody Scottish vibe, bordering on an orchestral edge at times. Although the Quartet played a short set, nonetheless they were hugely appreciated by the crowd who were unabated at the end and demanded an encore, for which they played the superbly catchy tune Herb, which could easily be a rework of an old Nat King Cole tune that wouldn't have been out of place in the Jungle Book. If only Kipling had written in a pub for them all to hang out in. Catch the Joe Acheson quartet soon - you won't be disappointed. [S Sauce]

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