Jeff Mills & Matthew Dear, Pressure, The Arches, Glasgow, Feb 24 (PRINT)

At points the bass was so heavy it made nostrils flare<br/>PRINT VERSION

Article by Keira Sinclair | 16 Apr 2006
Matthew Dear is a man of many aliases, but Pressure saw him focussing on the sound of his most recent project, Audion. A frenzy of dirty, visceral 4/4, he uses serrated synths and beats to create furrows of tension and release. Dear constructs a dancefloor frenzy from quasi-acid modulations and gritty, minimal but funky techno. At points the bass was so heavy it made nostrils flare, especially during his tougher Audion productions. Considered a don of the Techno scene, Jeff Mills didn't fail to disappoint his diehard fans, but Mills' method of showcasing only his favourite parts of records in quick succession created an unsatisfying experience for anyone unfamiliar with the tracks or his style. The rabid audience didn't seem to mind but the fragmented nature left some wanting more. Add to this relentless light shows and a poorly laid out arch, and you could be left wondering why Dear wasn't headlining. Similar to an exercise bike, Mills didn't really go anywhere. [Keira Sinclair]