In Flagranti - WhoMadeWho: 'Out The Door'

In Flagranti's remixes border on the mundane

Single Review by Karen Taggart | 16 May 2006
Single title: WhoMadeWho: 'Out The Door'
Artist: In Flagranti
Label: Gomma
This second single from WhoMadeWho's debut album 'Out The Door' is remixed by New York's up-and-coming producing team In Flagranti, who aim to give this tune a strong, deep disco touch. However, their remixes border on the mundane, and use a very outdated style, providing a decidedly boring tune. The first dub mix fails to excite, and only gets marginally better when vocals are added for the second track. This single is released the same time as the band are touring Europe supporting Soulwax, which would lead you to believe their other tracks must surely be worth a listen, however, unless you are a fan of tedious, monotonous beats and bass lines, it's probably best to give this particular single a miss. [Karen Taggart]
Released in May.