IAMX - The Alternative Single Review

Single Review by Jonathan Robert Muirhead | 23 Apr 2008
Single title: The Alternative
Artist: IAMX
Label: Fiction
Release date: Out Now

As befits an act originating from Berlin, IAMX's is a sound which is at once icy, electrifying and panoramic in its reach and scope. Synths preen, pout and boom their way out of the speakers, as if they’ve set out to make a solid bridge between synth-rock and pop. If that was the case, they’ve succeeded admirably. There’s enough synth here to satisfy the most hardened dancefloor lover and enough hooks to draw in every pop audience imaginable. There’s a real 80s tinge to the sound, from the drum machine rolls to the thumb-slapping bass, all of which makes for a thoroughly invigorating listen. [Jonathan Robert Muirhead]

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