Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008

Single Review by Josh Coppersmith-Heaven | 01 Nov 2008
Single title: Infinity 2008
Artist: Guru Josh Project
Label: Maelstrom
Release date: 3 Nov 2008

“Here’s my key, philosophy, a freak like me, just needs infinity”. So begins the house anthem that is Infinity 2008, where it doesn’t matter whether the words make sense, just whether they feel good. Cue the sax line, which isn't a million miles away from the theme of the closing scene of Braveheart, pouring over William Wallace’s army as they courageously stand before the enemy, with triumph resting easily in their gaze. Then cue the rockin’, choppin’, dancefloor synthesiser riff. By this point, you cannot but laugh joyously at how bad it is – or is it? After all, you are smiling. It has made you happy, even if it is to its own musical discredit. But who are we to take ourselves, and in turn, our music, so seriously? So go on - play this on your soundsystem until the Lynx can shakes across your mantelpiece, dance around, take your shirt off. Just don’t let anyone catch you.