Gregor Thresher - A Thousand Nights

Closer The Good Life offers a finely-tuned, less-is-more approach to deep house

Album Review by Colin Chapman | 06 Mar 2008
Album title: A Thousand Nights
Artist: Gregor Thresher
Label: Great Stuff
A Thousand Nights follows on from Gregor Thresher's anthemic 2007 release, Full Range Madness. While its saw-wave bassline and sparkly riff feature here, the album also offers a selection of deeper, more subtle treats. Black Rain with its slight, rattling percussion, steady kick and pulsing tone opens, gives way to the steady bounce of Running Systems; both tracks highlighting the German's success at melding minimal, house and techno elements. The hypnotic, ascending melody of A Thousand Nights and its progressive, almost trance-like feel follows, before moving on to the driving sounds of Full Range Madness and flute-tinged builder Anti; the latter breaking into a buzzing, droning onslaught. The contemplative Benthos drops the tempo, before The Now People regains the intensity, thanks to its punchy rhythms and Thresher's oft-used, gnawing bassline. Closer The Good Life offers a finely tuned, less-is-more approach to deep house. [Colin Chapman]
Release date: Out Now &