Great Ezcape/Dirty Diggers, Glenfiddich Independent Mix, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Jan 12

Great Ezcape knocked the headline act into a cocked hat

Article by Bram Gieben | 15 Feb 2006
Glenfiddich's regular funk, soul and hip-hop showcase played host to Tru Thought's Dirty Diggers, who brought a party-stirring mix of jump-up rhymes and baggy-trousered rude-boy beats to the appreciative crowd. The Trouble DJs warmed up prior to their set with a funky mix of broken beat and jazzy hip-hop, but the stars of the show were undoubtedly Edinburgh's own Great Ezcape. Former Scotland Yard MC Profisee has real star potential: his positive, clear-eyed lyrics on There is Work to Do ringing out like a more aggressive Ty, or even Dizzee. Great Ezcape's four-track demo has stirred up a lot of excitement among Edinburgh's headz - tonight, former DnB producer Vigilante's epically heavy bassline on Blessed Thing shook the very foundations of the Cab, and with only a half hour set, Great Ezcape knocked the headline act into a cocked hat. Watch out for Profisee and Vigilante in 2006, they deserve to be HUGE. [Bram Gieben]