Glissandro 70 - '70'

A tripped-out, sublime journey into rhythm and melody

Album Review by Bram Gieben | 17 Mar 2006
Album title: '70'
Artist: Glissandro 70
Label: Constellation / Southern Records
This album falls roughly into the bizarre sub-genre known as 'folktronica'. A mixture of acoustic textures and sounds, relayed through extensive sampling, and combined with rhythmic chanting, the five extended tracks on this debut from Glissandro 70 are a tripped-out, sublime journey into rhythm and melody. It seems the folktronica bands embrace this style to counterbalance the edginess of their main bands - Glissandro 70 also record as Continuous Dick, while Nudge, who released a fantastic album ('Cached') with a similar sound last year, also rejoice under the moniker of Jackie O Motherfucker. Glissandro 70 use chants from Juan Atkins Model 500 hit No UFOs and from Pulled Up by the Talking Heads, but the finest selection has got to be Bolan Muppets, an eerily beatutiful collage of plucked guitar and breathy singing. Elsewhere more rhytmic, new wave textures dominate. A rewarding and complex album, for all its simplicity - dedicated to 'plagiarists, pilferers, pirates and pillagers'. [Bram Gieben]

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