Found - Mullokian

A mellow, fuzzed-up blend of indie-folk and sampledelic collage

Single Review by Bram Gieben | 17 Mar 2006
Single title: Mullokian
Artist: Found
Label: Surface Pressure

Tommy Perman's band Found are quite simply fantastic. A mellow, fuzzed-up blend of indie-folk and sampledelic collage, their live shows invariably feature found sounds, refined acoustic musicianship, and often the much-maligned 'squeezebox' or accordian. New single Mullokian is a pefect introduction if you have not heard Found before - a dubby, blissful ode to identities lost and discovered. The remix on the flip is even more submerged in psychedelic tones, and as usual the singer's mellifluous island accent is joy to the ears. Buy this - it will make your life better. Then go see Found at Headspin, on March 25. [Bram Gieben]

Found, Headspin, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, £5 b4 11.30pm, £7 after.

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