Ellen Allien @ Kapital, 31 July

BPitch Control's leading lady wishes Kapital a happy birthday.

Article by Nicol J. Craig | 10 Aug 2009

Sliding inside the Caves, it’s a relief to be relinquished of Auld Reekie’s howler of an evening. Watered brows unfurrow, warmed by the atmosphere of unreserved techno-goers, as the party mood crystallises. Allien is on a sonorous journey taking us along for the ride. She gives us many of the BPitch favourites, weaving minimal techno for a wholly responsive audience. Upwards the progression drives, a wry smile as each drop is well received. Despite the visionary quality of the music, her accessible aura won over the caves crowd; she seemed genuinely pleased when they wouldn’t leave at three. One more tune, had to be. Pishing rain won’t dampen these spirits, beads of sweat tonight are worn with pride.