Diplo & Boy 8-Bit @ Cabaret Voltaire, 21 May

Article by Ray Philp | 23 May 2009

Being the avant-garde encyclopaedia of all things Mad Decent is, seemingly, not as easy as it looks. Diplo’s languid Floridian drawl apologetically perforates tonight's set on two occasions, and whilst these lingering pauses are quickly forgiven by an exuberant audience, it’s also symptomatic of Diplo’s eagerness to please that he witholds some of his more extravagant baile funk offerings. Instead, Mr Pentz errs on the side of caution, with mixed results; while Organ Donor’s Transylvanian thump elicits an approving guttural roar, A Milli’s alpha male judder proves an obsequious inclusion. Boy 8-Bit’s monochromatic electro was, in hindsight, a portentous preamble to Diplo's populist approach. A fifteen-minute encore, perhaps to ensure that amends were made, is welcomed by all except the hawk-eyed security staff, who are consistently preoccupied with a crowd full of fearless bravado. Diplo, regrettably, seems oblivious to most of the commotion.